Sacred Songs of The End time

Some of these anointed songs have been written by Bro David Naudè, a humble Saint of God residing in South Africa. Other classics have been updated by him to reflect the dispensational truth of the Hour.

Bro David Naudè is accompanied by Sis Lynette Naudè and  Riaan Eloff on the piano. Sis Lynette also accompanied Bro David vocally and on the keyboard.

These songs will bless and bring joy to everyone, even the most downcast saint would be compelled to "lift up Holy Hands" in Praise and Worship.

These songs also emphasize the end of the Gospel dispensation to the Gentiles and the claiming of the Gentile Bride out of the unbelieving Denominational Organizations.

Bro David and Sis Lynette Naudè witness that Bro William Marrion Branham was the Seventh Angel Messenger called to deliver the Word to gather the End time Bride.

Bro David Naudè

Bro David


Sis Lynette Naudè

Bro Branham

The Pillar of Fire

The   Voice   Out   Of   Africa

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