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The   Voice   Out   Of   Africa

Sacred Songs of The End time

Messiah God

Messiah God, The Seven Seals are opened now,
And down Thou came, to claim Thy gentile bride,
Church Ages gone, and times of gentiles ended,
We heard Thy trump, the seventh and the last.

But jealous men, who called these things fanaticism,
Instead of tellin' the flock of God these truths.
They then did crucified Lord Jesus Christ again,
In nineteen hundred sixty three it has been done!

Messiah God, the Son of David thus Thou art,
Lo, King of kings, and Lord of lords supreme.
Thou art the Bridegroom of Thy gentile bouquet bride,
We do adhere to Thee with all our hearts.

And we identify ourselves again with Thee,
Thou Who was crucified the second time.

Thou didst let loose a power again to fill Thy bride,
And we Thy witnesses in all the world to be!