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The   Voice   Out   Of   Africa

Sacred Songs of The End time


When I was but a boy in days of childhood,

I used to play till evening shadows fall,

Then winding down an old familiar pathway,

I heard my father call at set of sun.


Come home, come home it's suppertime,

The shadows lengthening fast.

Come home, my boy, come home it's suppertime,

We're going home at last.

One day beside his bedside I was kneeling

And angel wings were winnowing the air.

He heard the call for Suppertime in Heaven,

And now I know he's waiting for me there.

In visions now I see him standing yonder,

And his familiar voice I hear once more.

The banquet table's ready up in Heaven,

It's suppertime upon the golden shore.


And friends, when the Lord God's Elijah of the end-time, and seventh church age angel, came to the peak of his earthly ministry, he spoke the following word in prayer at the end of his epochal message: "Sirs, is this the time?!" "I pray for the little flock, that the Holy Spirit has made me overseer of to feed them. I've done all that I know how to do Lord, to feed them on the bread of life. As in that vision many years ago, where that big curtain laid in the West, and a mountain of the Bread of Life. The little book "I Was Not Disobedient Unto The Heavenly Vision," and here it all comes to pass, revealed right in our face".

And then God showed His messenger and angel,

A mountain of the Scripture's bread of life.

Beyond the curtain West in glorious splendor,

Invited people all being dressed in white.

Come on, come on it's Suppertime,

Let's heed God's prophet's call,

Come on my friend, beyond the curtain now,

A mount of bread of life.

Come on my friend, beyond the curtain now,

A mount of bread of life.